Volunteer Opportunities

In order to achieve our goals we need the volunteer efforts of the parent and teacher community.   We have opportunities to work on various social and fundraising events.  There are different levels of involvement available such as help execute, set up, clean up, and/or help out at the event.
Important Note: Because volunteers work with children, all volunteers are required to submit a Criminal Offender Records Information (CORI) application and undergo a background check.  Please go to the Burlington High School to fill out the CORI Form (go around to the back of the building to school administrative offices).  Please bring your license with you.  CORI Acceptance will last for 3 years

Also, in order to volunteer at any events during school hours you must complete a Confidentiality Meeting with Mr. Lyons.  Plesae get in touch with the office for the meeting schedules.

Volunteer Opportunities: If you are interested in volunteering please email pineglenelementarypto@gmail.com and include your name and what events you are interested in.

Walkathon-November 25, 2015
This is one of the PTO’s main fundraisers.  The Walkathon is held during school hours in place of gym after the 3-5th grade Turkey Trot.  We are looking for volunteers to be stationed at various locations on the school grounds during the Walkathon.

Halloween Dance-October 24, 2015
This is a fun annual family event open for Pine Glen Families and the public.   Children come to the dance in their Halloween costumes.  There is a DJ with music and dancing, a haunted house and snacks and beverages available for purchase.  The dance this year will be October 24th.
Jill Giles and Sheila Estes are the coordinators and they need your help!  Here are a few ways you can help:
Help set up/construct the haunted house after school hours on Friday October 23rd
Adults to volunteer the night of the Halloween dance on Oct 24th.   The volunteers help check in the student volunteers, sell tickets, help sell snacks and drinks, oversee the haunted house and float around the event.
Adults to help clean up with the student volunteers immediately after the dance.  If we get enough 
volunteers this should be a 1 hour time commitment.

Pine Glen Annual Carnival-March 19, 2015
This is typically the PTO’s largest fundraiser.  This is a fun family event open to the public at Pine Glen School.   The Carnival has carnival type games, food and bouncy houses along with a giant selection of raffle prizes.  The raffle prizes are donated by students, parents, teachers, and local businesses.
We are looking for volunteers for a number of different types of things, some which happen leading up to the Carnival and others that happen the day of the Carnival.  Please donate some of your time to help make this fundraiser a success!
Here are the volunteer opportunities:
·        Making phone calls in the fall and or winter to potential Corporate Sponsors to see if they would be willing to be a corporate sponsor.  This could be as many hours as you were willing to donate, even 1 hour helps!
·        Making phone calls, sending letters and stopping by local businesses who have donated items in the pasts to see if they would once again donate a raffle item for the Carnival.  This activity starts late fall and could be as many hours as you were willing to donate, even 1 hour helps!
·        Helping hang up signs around town 10 days in advance of the Carnival-roughly 1.5 hours.
·        Helping take down signs immediately after the carnival.
·        Volunteering the day before the Carnival for set up on March 18th after the end of the school day.  This is a 1-2 hour commitment.
·        Volunteering the day of the Carnival for things such as working in the Kitchen, selling food, staffing an activity or booth. 
·        If you own a business or work at a local business please consider sponsoring our school’s Carnival. Please email pineglenelementarypto@gmail.com if interested.
Carnival Chair info:
Michelle Grossman and Lynn Barnstein are the Chairs of the Carnival
Denise Desmond is the Chair of the Carnival Raffle
Sheila Estes is the Chair of the Corporate Sponsors
Caroline Taitelbaum is the Chair of the Carnival Volunteers

Square 1 Art Coordinator-Spring 2016
This is one of the PTO’s 4 fundraisers.  The PTO is looking for someone to run the Fundraiser. The time commitment is approximately 1 hour in the fall, 2 hours in March, 3 hours on 4/11 or 4/12 and 1 hour when orders arrive in May.

Teacher Appreciation Week-May 2-May 6, 2016
Volunteers will be needed for set up and clean up.  In addition, volunteers will be needed to donate food for the teachers.


We are looking for someone to be our Webmaster for the PTO site.  If you are interested please let us know!

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